The Rehumanisation of Sport with Cody Royle

Season #2

Cody Royle coaches head coaches in elite sports. After a decade coaching Canada's men's AFL national team, he now mentors fourteen coaches in seven different team sports around the world. Cody is the author of three influential leadership books; Second Set Of Eyes, Where Others Won't and The Tough Stuff.

His coaching focuses on the performance and well-being of coaches so that they have access to their best coaching skills when they need them the most.

Some of Cody's quotes:

  • “I believe the greatest source of competitive advantage available in professional sports is the optimization of the head coach.”
  • “While we scrounge around for a new squat technique to try to uncover a 0.01 per cent improvement in an athlete, I believe there are multiple percentage points of talent sitting dormant within our head coaches.”
  • “To realize this untapped potential requires a shift in our thinking. We must begin to think of coaches as performers. We must appreciate what a coaching performance entails. We must begin to seek better coaching, not more coaching.”

This is why I’m so excited to have Cody on, as he is leading the way in this space. So get ready to give your full attention as you won’t want to miss a moment.


Talking Points:

  • Cody's challenges as a head coach

  • Treasure in the pain
  • The healthy side of competition
  • High performance doesn't exist without emotion and spirituality included
  • Coming to terms with becoming whole human beings
  • The limitations of the scientific method
  • The trajectory of personal struggle
  • The ultimate human pursuit
  • The power of external practitioner support


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