Connection, Belonging and Space Lead to Success in Complex Environments with Jack Nayler

Season #1

Jack’s career path has been pretty unconventional. He is currently Head of Sports Science at Everton FC. Previously he has spent the last 10 years at Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, and Celtic. An incredible resumé that many in the industry would love to have. 

His experience is pretty unique, and the way he leads is also in a less common style from what I’ve heard in many discussions with practitioners.

And this is why I’m excited to have Jack on this episode

What You'll Learn:

In this episode, we dive into his personal experience and what has enabled him to operate successfully as a practitioner in these high-performance environments. As well as some of the struggles Jack has had to navigate, which may not be obvious when you look at a resumé like Jack’s.

Talking Points:

  • Jack's struggle with imposter syndrome and how he works with it
  • Importance of belonging and connection for true open innovation & collaboration
  • The power of honesty
  • How Jack experienced the grief after Nick Broad died
  • What did PSG & Chelsea do well that made him feel supported and a sense of belonging
  • What can performance environments learn from this?
  • How do we get access to more percentage points of potential within the human side of practitioners within this system?
  • How Jack detaches from the pressures of work

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