Hello, I'm Richard Husseiny.

For over 16 years, I worked as a performance coach in high-performance sport with organisations including English Institute of Sport, EXOS, and Hintsa Performance. (Read more about my career details here).

I enjoyed my work in these elite environments, but underneath I was suffering from imposter syndrome, unable to say no & express my boundaries, and stuck in my identity as a coach in sport.

In 2015 I gave end-of-life care to my mother. This experience changed my life, allowed me to truly see what was important to me, and inspired me to provide the support I didn't have.

This is my why for founding men behind sport.

My Story

Working with the best taught me an incredible amount about what the human body was capable of. What teams of people can accomplish when true collaboration is achieved.

But at the heart of me remained a gap in myself.

Lost in unknown anxiety, divorced, failed short-term relationships, and searching for fulfillment in the external world. I was lost spiritually after dedicating so much of my energy to just the physical realms of life.

This gap became unavoidably apparent when I gave end-of-life care to my mother. The moment changed everything for me. This opened the door to all of the emotions and grief I had repressed after losing my father at 16 yrs. I had buried this for almost 20 years.

Deep grief, big questions about life, and a paradigm of life that was about to be exploded.

"What are my values?"

"What's my purpose in life?"

“What happens when I die?”

"Are my perspectives absolute truth?”

These are just some of the key questions that began to circle around and around my mind.

Stuck in my coaching identity.

For the first time, I could see how much my value of self-worth was tied to my coaching career. I did all I could to seek validation from my peers and social networks for "achievements" and the roles I had, which was keeping me trapped in a self-imposed glass prison.

After several failed attempts at re-engaging back into the life I knew before, I realized that it was time to lean into myself and open up to the possibility of more. From a life that was considered “the dream” to people looking in, I was on my journey to find some answers to life.

Stepping out of the myth of normal.

To do that, as a man in this culture, meant me overcoming the messaging from my outside environment – and going against thousands of years of built-in programming.

The pain and challenge of leaving my known led to freedom, excitement, and love. I was transforming in real time and I could feel life come alive within me. I was presented with opportunities and some answers, as well as many more questions to ponder.

I have been curious about the human experience my entire life. I went towards this human experience through the physical and human performance side. 

Almost 8 years ago, a light bulb came on that was the first actual event horizon in my life outside of being born - I was 36.

I began to rethink my decisions. I began to look at the people I chose to associate with. I began to educate myself as a man, not as a coach. I looked to others for help with understanding life. I began to ask critical questions. I figuratively died and went in the opposite direction of everything I knew and understood. 

This process has defined my life, career, and path since 2015. I learned to think critically at a time when most of my peers were still reinforcing a lifestyle and habits that would come to haunt most of them. 

As performance staff, our success is often solely defined by external results, such as win-lose, KPIs, and other objective markers of success.

But underneath these external measures are our own stories within us. And that story is governed from day one of our life, childhood, and our experiences up until this moment that we are in right now. 

My personal stories were about very low self-worth, which I only realized after grief forced me to look at myself. This showed up in trying to prove myself through results, and prove myself through the next role. I was never satisfied. I was over-critical of myself because I didn't believe I was worthy enough.

These challenges in my career and life have led me to this point. I’m grateful for all of it because it’s given me the focus, direction, and clarity with my purpose to do what I do now - coaching the coaches.

Which brings me to you!

As the founder of men behind sport. I'm here to serve.

This company is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible, and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

Through the online training programs, live events, and community — I'm in this to make a difference.

To help you reconnect with yourself and build a life that you truly love. A life that’s awakened to its full possibility... a one-of-a-kind where you're actively seeking to come away from the myth of normal!

​Whether you’re looking to make a big change in your career or personal life or become a true leader in your life, I'm here to help you reconnect to your personal freedom within sport or to create your own exit strategy aligned to your values.

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