Remove Hierarchy to Unlock Performance Departments Full Potential with Nicolai Morris

Season #2

Nicolai is a highly regarded strength and conditioning coach, from Australia and has over a decade of coaching experience in elite sport. She has previously worked with NSW WRL state of origin, New Zealand black sticks and physical performance manager for the Australian Hockeyroos to name a few and now she is head of performance for AFLW.

Nicolai has also done powerful work on female leadership and systemic gender bias. She is the co-founder of Women in Sport whose mission is to invest in, support, empower and connect women in sport for a stronger community.

And this is why I wanted to have Nicolai on, because I want to dive into the challenges female coaches and practitioners currently experience, and what we can do to change that.


What You'll Learn:

In this episode, we take a very personal journey through Nicolai's experiences as a person, her struggles, the very human stand-out moments of why she works in sport and the qualities of her North Star performance environment.


Talking Points:

  • Challenges of the incessant drive to become better

  • The importance of not grinding through life
  • Developing her human side
  • Being aware of others
  • Developing people through performance

  • Getting to know the person is the glue to performance

  • The struggle of perfectionism

  • The practice of acceptance
  • Working out how much is too much
  • Why sport needs to accept we don't need to give everything to the role


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