Intention, Trust and Ownership in the Chapters of a Career in Sport with Ben Young

Season #1

Ben has a vast array of experience and is currently Head of Strength & Conditioning at Inter Miami CF. Previously he has worked at the pinnacle of rugby at Saracens and England as well as the pinnacle of English football at the English FA with both men’s and female national teams including European championships and world cups.

Ben is also passionate about helping high-performance coaches, practitioners & and graduates get better results through clarity, systems & and processes.

Ben radiates clarity, intention and the embodiment of processes.

What You'll Learn:

In this episode, Ben shares his experience, advice and fantastic insight into how he tackles challenges head-on with intention that has enabled him to have a sustainable career as a practitioner at the elite end of professional sport.

Talking Points:

  • Ben’s experience of burnout and what he did to recover
  • Ben’s North Star with regards to the optimal performance department
  • Why intention is crucial
  • The importance of knowing self in 360 degrees
  • Facing challenges head-on
  • Intentionally seeking memories vs the easy route
  • The non-negotiable boundaries
  • How Ben detaches from the pressures of work


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