The Path Ahead

The 7 Stages of Change

The ideal resource for senior male performance support staff who are driven to make an impact in high performance sport yet feel lost with direction, stuck and pigeon holed by their identity in sport and/or burnt out from improving their athletes at the expense of themselves.

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Discover which of the 7 stages of change you are at currently. Once you become aware, you can then begin your journey to find your own freedom - whether you stay in sport or you discover your own exit strategy that is much more aligned to your core values.

In this 15-page guide & workbook you will:


đŸ’„Â UNDERSTAND the process of change in relation to you & your life.

đŸ’„Â GUIDED REFLECTION to support you getting clear with what your next steps are.

đŸ’„Â REAL EXAMPLES of how performance support staff experience each stage - helping you identify with clarity where you are now.

Discover what the process of change is, the problems that keep us trapped in frustration, the path of moving from "I can't" to "I am", and guided reflection to support you in taking the next steps in your life.

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