Why Success is Simply the Exploration of What’s Possible with Cath Bishop

Season #2

Cath works as a speaker, consultant, facilitator, leadership and culture coach in business, sport and education to develop successful leaders & teams, with a focus on purpose, performance, motivation, inclusion and resilience.

Cath draws on her careers as an Olympic rower and conflict diplomat, combined with her experience of working with a wide range of organisations across sectors to raise performance, transform cultures and develop effective leadership and teams.

Cath's book 'The Long Win' was published in 2020 to acclaim across sport, education, business and public life. Cath writes monthly articles for The Guardian on topics of culture in sport. TAP Supporter for years, member of the Advisory Board. She is also the co-host of the Inside Out Culture Podcast.

In this episode Cath discusses her mission to redefine what success looks like in the workplace – away from a narrow, short-term, win-at-all-costs approach towards a more meaningful, sustainable approach which she calls ‘The Long Win', based on:

  • Clarifying what matters, developing a sense of longer-term purpose that relates to our daily work lives;
  • Constant learning mindset with a focus on personal and collective growth & development;
  • Connection, prioritizing human relationships in everything we do.


Talking Points:

  • The Olympic experiences that led Cath to rethink success

  • The consequences of a win-at-all-costs approach
  • What ‘high performance’ actually means - particularly in relation to winning
  • The big switch - improving versus rankings
  • Metrics, incentives, distorting how people behave
  • Why performance is about possibilities


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