Season 1 Review: Opportunites, Interventions and Next Steps with Richard Husseiny

Season #1

Welcome to this week's episode of the untapped potential podcast with me Richard Husseiny, and it’s slightly different to what you’re used to.

We are 12 episodes in, so it seems a great time to pause and reflect on what has already come in this podcast.

Key Points:

The aim of today's episode is the following:

  • Key themes that stand out to me
  • Opportunities and interventions that work
  • Next steps - what you and your department can do
  • What’s next - Outline of who’s to come on the podcast

I also wanted to let you know I am taking a break over Easter, the podcast will return on 7th May 2024 with more amazing conversations.

These conversations are lifting the lid on what's going on, the issues that limit the impact we seek and some powerful reflections to empower and awaken a new way forward in how practitioners can successfully operate within sport.

Resources Mentioned: