From Intern to Early Burnout: The Journey to Self-Awareness as a Practitioner with Dan Lonsdale

Season #2

Dan is a strength & conditioning coach with over a decade of experience working with athletes who have achieved success at a professional and international level. In 2019, after years of consulting in the sport of gymnastics, 'Dan Lonsdale Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning' was launched.

Dan now supports over a dozen clubs across the UK and Europe as well as providing coach education on various topics related to gymnastics strength & conditioning, and has spoken at various highly attended education events within the sport.


What You'll Learn:

In this episode, we discuss going from a driven intern to burnout and what he has done to align himself and his career to now work for him rather than against him.


Talking Points:

  • The trap of feeling you should or shouldn't
  • The whirlwind of the first year of employment
  • The issue of just racking up hours
  • The inauthenticity of being measured and "professional"
  • Internal vs external pressure
  • The journey to self-awareness
  • The power of connecting with activities that provide joy
  • The importance of seeking personal support to become a better coach
  • Freeing yourself by being open to new environments
  • Connecting with purpose and making positive change




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