Connecting to Your Inner Compass Requires You to Lead From Your Intuition and Heart with Adam Ashe

Season #2

Adam is a former Scotland international rugby union player and rugby union coach.

He is also Co-Founder of the U.K.s leading natural wellness brand Pure Sport. His latest business development is Zappaty, which helps individuals and businesses send files of all shapes and sizes around the world.


What You'll Learn:

In this episode, you will hear how Adam uses his inner compass, and how this has allowed him to transition through chapters of his life, rather than hold on to identities for too long.

What has allowed him to do this skillfully is his journey into himself and getting to know who he is beyond the egoic stories as an athlete and coach - similar to what we all tell ourselves.


Talking Points:

  • Why Adam entered into coaching after his career as an athlete
  • The power of Adam's inner compass
  • What connecting to his heart means to Adam
  • What music gives Adam
  • What success is to Adam now
  • Adam's perspective on awareness and spirituality
  • Adam's catalyst to turn his awareness within
  • How Adam has learned to shed his identities
  • Adam's perspective on what he sees that needs to change within sport to allow practitioners to fully express themselves and their talents



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