Finding Freedom by Creating Your Own Economy with Rob Francis

Season #2

Rob has over eight years of experience in elite sports in the UK, Europe and the Pacific, where he currently leads a project for the International Olympic Committee to support the country of Vanuatu to win their first Olympic Medal at an Olympic games.

Rob Francis has also founded Move Mojo. His mission with Move Mojo is to get as many people to take part in safe and fun strength and conditioning as possible. The positive effects of physical activity are incredible, and he believes nobody should miss out due to any disability.

And this is why Rob’s voice is an important one to have on the Untapped Potential podcast. He has purposely stepped away from a full-time role in performance sport and transferred his skills to a purpose-focused business.


Talking Points:

  • The challenges of his non-linear path in sport

  • Moving away from a one-dimensional view
  • The issue of putting the team or organisation first
  • The reality of chasing the rabbit in your career
  • Navigating push back
  • Breaking the glass ceiling of your career
  • Opening up to his inner development
  • Having the courage to act intuitively to get clear on purpose
  • Uncovering your transferrable skills
  • Creating an inspiring life
  • Defining a proactive plan


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  • Keir
  • Rites of passage


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