Pivoting and Having the Courage to "Wing it" with Chris Gill

Season #2

Chris has been involved in the sports industry for almost 15 years, including roles as a sports analyst at Sheffield United and Brighton & Hove Albion.

Chris then pivoted in his career and started his own business, In-Play Sports. In-Play Sports is a company whose mission is to ensure analysts and coaches always have access to professional-level video analysis tools so they can break down performance with ease and deliver feedback efficiently.


What You'll Learn:

In this episode, we cover Chris’s personal experience of some of the challenges he has faced as a practitioner, and how he overcame them. 

As well as diving deep into how he now helps practitioners across a variety of topics allowing them to thrive in their career. Particularly around pivoting, letting go of identity and carving out a path that supports a rounded life.

If you’ve ever thought about pivoting, changing careers or working for yourself, you will get a lot from this conversation.


Talking Points:

  • Chris's challenges as a performance analyst

  • The practitioner's rites of passage

  • The loneliness of relocating for a job

  • Masters degrees vs experience

  • The importance of clarity on what you want
  •  Why Chris pivoted in his career

  • The courage needed to pivot and the benefits to doing it


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