Development is About Who You Are Becoming - Not the X's & O's with Pete McKnight

Season #1

Pete has been a performance director and strength and conditioning coach in elite sport and human performance for over 20 years. This has seen him be involved in coaching athletes for 4 Summer and one Winter Olympic Games. He is currently the performance director at Hintsa Performance.

Pete has also held a variety of leadership or board positions in business, church and charities. Currently Advisory Board Chairman at US start-up Rewire Fitness Inc., and Advisory Board at UK start-up Hytro.


What You'll Learn:

In this episode, Pete shares his insights on what has allowed him to maintain a career at the highest level whilst maintaining a thriving family and personal life.


Talking Points:

  • The balance between striving and acceptance
  • Why knowing values isn't enough
  • When to push and when to step away
  • The power of faith to offer a framework to thrive
  • Why practitioner potential is determined by doing inner work beyond the coach
  • Courage to stand in integrity


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