Processes, Courage and Comfort in Vulnerability with Dan Howells

Season #1

Dan is a high-performance coach, with a career spanning over 15 years of work in elite sport, both in the UK and the USA including the UK Sports Institute, England rugby 7’s and the Houston Astro’s MLB team to name a few.

Dan lectures at Brighton University and is also the founder of Collaborate sports where he is passionate about creating real-world learning opportunities for developing coaches and practitioners to enhance their impact and success within performance sport organisations.


What You'll Learn:

In this episode, Dan shares his experience, some of his main challenges, how he has maintained a successful career whilst having a balanced life outside of work, why he founded collaborate sports and the skillsets he offers to practitioners and finally what he sees needs to change in sport to facilitate the full potential of practitioners.


Talking Points:

  • Learning from mistakes
  • Self-preservation and developing comfort in being vulnerable
  • Self-awareness and leadership
  • The issue with blindly moving through the ranks
  • Agile solutions in the moment
  • Being brave enough to challenge the status quo


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