Breaking Self-Imposed Stories To Create Freedom as a Practitioner with Stu Singer

Season #1

Stu Singer is a highly experienced sport psychologist (PsyD, ABD), performance consultant and founder of WellPerformance, who has worked with teams in the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, Major League Soccer, & the National Women's Soccer League

He's passionate about helping people sharpen their high-performance skills in a healthy, sustainable way.

What You'll Learn:

In this episode, we discuss Stu’s own challenges that he has faced as a practitioner in performance sports, and how he sees the issues affecting practitioners in elite sports through the lens of a psychologist.

Talking Points:

  • Getting it “wrong” as a practitioner, overworking and how that impacted his life
  • How he now stays anchored to his values
  • The importance of walking the walk with regards to values and practices to maintain optimal self
  • The challenge of breaking self-imposed stories and the freedom that creates
  • Best practices for practitioners to think about for a sustainable career
  • His perspective as a trained sport psych on what he sees that needs to change within sport

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