Values, Integrity and Defining Success as a Practitioner with Tulshi Varsani

Season #1

Tulshi is a highly experienced coach and has worked for elite organisations such as Hintsa Performance and Mercedes AMG Petronas, where was the first performance manager and coach for the world championship-winning Formula One team.

Tulshi is the founder of the podcast: Unapologetically You. Tulshi and her co-host Kelly discuss their personal experiences regarding exhaustion, stress and anxiety and how you can find ways to integrate healthier habits to prevent burnout and build happier, healthier relationships at work and home.

Tulshi has also recently published her first book Happiness Within: A Journey of Reflection and Self-Discovery

What You'll Learn:

In this episode, we discuss Tulshi's burnout, the challenges in being able to see it, and the process of reflection that has unlocked significant freedom in her career and life.

Tulshi is another powerful female voice to add a perspective that I don’t have with regards to the nuances female coaches experience in elite sport and her wisdom with regards to reflection and self-growth.


Talking Points:

  • Tulshi's inner drivers that led her into a career in pro sport
  • Her process of burnout and how she overcame it
  • The process of reflection Tulshi uses that enables her to live authentically and with integrity
  • The key practices Tulshi uses to support her health and wellbeing

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