Why Taking Personal Responsibility will Empower True High-Performance Environments with Ivi Casagrande

Season #1

Ivi is a Performance Coach and sport scientist from Brazil who has worked at the top level in professional female soccer. She was recently part of the Brazil team at the 2023 Women World Cup. Her current position is now working for the Ireland Senior Women’s football team and as lead sport scientist at Lewes FC.

She is passionate about not only the holistic physical preparation of athletes but also empowering young coaches in their own journeys in the world of sports.

Through the mentorship she leads, Ivi shares her own journey and experiences to provide guidance for young coaches in order to help and support them in their own career.

What You'll Learn

In this episode, we dive into the human connection aspect of performance. We discuss why taking personal responsibility is crucial to curating our experience in career and life. By doing so it will unlock the shackles that currently hold back most high-performance environments.

We also discuss some of Ivi’s struggles in her career, how she navigates those struggles and what she sees as the next steps we need to take as practitioners to evolve our environments into ones that utilise our full potential.

This is a really great conversation because we cover topics that are hidden and rarely spoken about within the seriousness of performance sport

Talking Points:

  • Ivi’s inner drivers that led her into a career in pro sport
  • The areas she’s struggled with personally and professionally
  • The non-technical attributes she has developed in her own journey of understanding herself
  • The importance of connecting to feelings and practical ways of embracing authenticity
  • What non-technical skills she feels are crucial to empower us as practitioners and coaches

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