The Solution to the Inconvenient Truth in Sport is to Look Beyond the Coach with Richard Husseiny

Season #1

Welcome to the Untapped Potential podcast with its host Richard Husseiny.

Untapped Potential focuses on real stories from performance practitioners that highlight the inconvenient truths within performance sport that affect so many.

We are guided by measuring our success by external benchmarks, fueled by a relentless drive to upskill only through the technical lens. This leaves us with huge blindspots within ourselves that limit our happiness and the impact we deliver.

It's easy to learn the scientific principles of our trade. The hard part is mastering our human side, which has been forgotten amidst the data, programs, promotions, medals won & papers published.

In this podcast, we aim to carve out the non-technical specific skills required to thrive and activate the untapped potential within the men and women who serve in the support roles behind the world’s best athletes.

This Untapped Potential unlocks the qualities that are most important for you to show up in your role, career and life in your fullest expression - leading to a desperately needed change in culture within our high-performance environments that unlocks profound impact and deeper fulfilment in your being.

Richard shares the reasons why this podcast is here, what you as a practitioner are going to get from it and you'll learn some of Richard's personal story about what drove him to create Men Behind Sport in the first place.

Talking Points

  • Why this podcast has been created
  • What to expect from this podcast
  • My journey to founding Men Behind Sport
  • My research: Common themes, the cost, real examples
  • Solution: Beyond the Coach a.k.a. Practitioner Needs Analysis (taking personal responsibility)


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