Empowering Sport Environments to Unlock Practitioner's Full Potential with Callum Walsh

Season #1

Welcome to this episode of the Untapped Potential podcast with today’s guest Callum Walsh.

Callum is a hugely experienced practitioner who has over 15 years of experience in elite performance management. He has worked in several leagues and competitions across different cultures and continents, including the Premier League, Euro 2016 Championship, Championship, League 2, Turkish Super Lig, and Brazilian Serie A.

He has also collaborated with various coaches and stakeholders at multiple levels, from international senior and junior teams to world-leading performance institutes such as EXOS and Aspire Academy.

His mission is to apply his scientific knowledge, practical skills, and cultural awareness to help athletes and teams of staff achieve their full potential.

And this is why I wanted Callum to be on the untapped potential podcast. His voice in the space of helping coaches and practitioners is greatly needed and I’m super excited to share this with you, particularly around his own personal struggles, the solutions he has used personally and his doctorate research.

What You'll Learn

In this episode, we dive into the non-technical aspects of performance that underpin the success or failure of a performance department. We also discuss some of Callum’s struggles in his career, how he’s navigated his struggles and what he sees as the next steps we need to take to as practitioners to begin to evolve our environments into ones that begin to utilise our full potential.

Hit the play button now.

Talking Points:

  •  Callum’s inner drivers that lead him into a career in pro sport
  •  The areas he’s struggled with personally and professionally
  •  The non-technical attributes he has developed in his own journey of understanding self
  •  What his doctorate is revealing about our performance environments
  •  What non-technical he feels are crucial to empower us as practitioners and coaches


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